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Vegetable Skewers

Finger Food | In stock
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The Brisk Vegetable Skewers are mouthwatering fingerfood which are easy to eat and look superbly appetizing.  When preparing for a catered corporate luncheon or evening event, it's important to provide a good mix of different foods and cater for vegetarians.  These skewers do just that and they are a popular choice for non-vegetarians too, that's why we recommend them!  All our vegetables are supplied by the top growers and we freshly prepare our skewers in the Brisk kitchen.  We lightly grill them and add a few of our secret ingredients with a little virgin olive oil, this gives them their unique taste. So good you'll have to try more than one!

Our vegetable skewers include the following pieces:

  • Lightly grilled mushroom
  • Lightly grilled eggplant
  • Lightly grilled sweet red peppers

It's definitely worth providing some extra platters of our vegetable skewers - they're immensely popular and always a healthy choice.

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