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  • The Traditional

The Traditional

Breakfast Packages | In stock
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If you're catering a breakfast event or even a brunch then you will want the right blend of items to strike a balance.  Unsure of what your corporate guests like?  Leave it to us. We recommend our Traditional Breakfast Package - you just can't go wrong.  It's an enviable selection of all those breakfast goodies that everyone loves and everything is freshly baked, flavoursome and extremely appetizing.  The Brisk Traditional Breakfast Package comprises of muffins, bagels, croissants and Danish pastries, serve with coffee, tea and fresh juice and you're onto a winner.

We have a minimum order of 10 guests.

Here's a little more about the goodies we'll bring you:

  • Fresh Mini Croissants, the finest, buttery sweet croissants which melt in your mouth
  • Mini New York Bagels, soft on the outside, chewy inside just how a NYC Bagel should be
  • Mini Muffins, a selection of different flavour soft and airy mini muffins, all in individual wraps and baked to perfection
  • Assorted Mini Danishes, filled with a variety of flavours including nutty almond, the caramel undertones of pecan, fruity pear & sweet cherry - something for everyone

We serve everything with butter, cream cheese and jam.

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