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  • The Petite Selection

The Petite Selection

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Called petite because each piece is delightfully small (all good things come in small packages!), the Petite Selection is perfect for sweet treats at tea time and has everything you could want to impress your corporate clients.  All of our products are either locally sourced from the finest bakeries or we make them homemade in our Brisk kitchen.  We like to offer as many different varieties as possible to cater for all tastebuds.  Enjoy Petits Fours, Mini Cupcakes, Truffles or Protein Balls beautifull served on platters.

Our Petits Fours are baked shortbread shells with a variety of fillings from Frederic's Kitchen.  Everything is freshly prepared and you  won't find any additives or preservatives. There are lots of different types of Petits Fours available, from Palmiers to Eclairs and Tartlets.

Our Proteinballs are sourced from Healthlab.  They come in a tube of 20 tasty balls and are all sugar free, gluten free and completely natural.  These are the ideal pick-me-up. 

Coconut -  Coconut Proteinballs are guilt-free they contain dates, coconut, quinoa, vanilla and a few other all-healthy ingredients.

Almond - The almond contains a blend of dates, almonds, coconut and cranberries.  

Chocolate -  Made with cacao, dates, whey protein, organic coconut and a few other healthy goodies.

Peanut Butter - Proteinballs with peanuts, dates, organic coconut, whey protein and coconut

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