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  • The Banh Mi

The Banh Mi

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Banh Mi is street food in Vietnam and when you visit this exciting country you'll see a variety of street food stalls where locals buy their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our Vietnamese Banh Mi is from the Brisk collection of Lunchboxes and consists of a Vietnamese style baked baguette with fillings, a Rice Paper Roll, Side Salad and Water.  

If you're catering a client lunch sometimes it's an easier option to have something delicious and nutritious sent in.  This means lunch is ready prepared so there's no need to interrupt important meetings.  The Brisk Lunchboxes are all individually packed and we bellieve they are superb options for tasty, filling business lunches and they include everything that you could possibly need to take you through the afternoon.  

The Banh Mi selections are listed below:

The baguettes are all served with Nuoc Mam sauce (an Asian style fish sauce) and contain a mix of:

  • BBQ Chicken (Asian style)
  • Lemongrass beef (pieces of beef with a tangy twist)
  • Home-style pork spring rolls (crispy pork spring rolls combined with Asian vegetables)
  • Roast pork and crackling (more of a homegrown filling!)
  • Tofu & Vegetarian Spring Rolls (vegetarian filled crispy spring rolls, seasonal vegetables)
  • Crispy Chicken Ribs (marinated in a delicious sauce)
  • Spicy Chicken Curry (hot and filling)

The Rice Paper Rolls are Vietnames fillings wrapped in fine rice paper and lightly steamed:

  • Tofu (with Asian style vegetables)
  • BBQ Chicken (Asian style tender pieces of chicken)
  • Barramundi & Avocado (Asian style seabass)
  • Pork & Prawns (served with Asian vegetables)
  • Garlic Prawn (with Asian vegetables)
  • Chicken Breast & Avocado (tender pieces of chicken with avocado and vegetables)

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