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  • Soft Bao Buns
  • Soft Bao Buns

Soft Bao Buns

Finger Food | In stock
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Bao Buns come from China where they are favoured as breakfast items, although they are immensely popular eaten at any time of day.  When you visit China you'll find lots of different Bao sizes with an array of interesting fillings.  The most popular fillings are beef, pork and vegetables normally combined with tofu.  Made in a steamer, they are light and fluffy and we think they make a superb Asian style sandwich. 

Our soft Bao Buns are greatly inspired by the Chinese versions. You'll find them similar to lightly steamed bread rolls with a delightfully airy texture, like a light taco.  We fill ours with two delicious tender Asian fillings and they make an ideal fingerfood for your catered corporate luncheon or evening event.

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