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  • Mini Cupcakes

Mini Cupcakes

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Cupcakes just have to be served at teatime - we think tea isn't complete without them! In fact, tea cakes and cupcakes are perfect for anytime of day - why limit them to 3.00pm?  We supply beautifully hand-decorated and homemade tea cakes and cupcakes from Little Cupcakes.  It's our favourite cake bakery in Australia - you won't find better, tastier products.  

There are so many different flavours to choose from and different size selections.  The sponge is delightfully light and airy but still moist and the butter frosting is sensational.  There= are plenty to choose from, you'll find it hard to limit yourself to just one.

Here's a list of the variations:

Red Velvet - Sumptuous red chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting

Belgian chocolate - Richly made with the best quality chocolate on the planet!

Oreo Cookie - This one needs no introduction it's a real favourite!

Raspberry, Vanilla and White Chocolate - A sweet and fruity combination

Peanut Butter Cookie - For nut lovers everywhere

Bittersweet Lindt Chocolate - Another dark chocolate dreamy cupcake for those who prefer the flavour of bitter chocolate

Cherry - Made with dark chocolate, cherry buttercream and coconut

Carrot Cake - Buggs Bunny's favourite!

Vanilla - Cake made with vanilla buttercream and icing

Passionfruit - A stunning vanilla sponge cake with passionfruit buttercream

Pistachio - Created with white chocolate and cream cheese

Dark Horse Coffee - Gluten free with vanilla sponge cake, cocoa and cream cheese frosting

Black Velvet - Gluten free vegan rice chocolate cake with vegan cream cheese frosting

Oh - and there are more, ask us for other flavour options.


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