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  • Mini Croissants
  • Mini Croissants

Mini Croissants

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 At Brisk we love our Croissants and we have these spectacular mini versions, 35g size which are homemade with soft, feathery, buttery fine layers.  We can offer larger croissants too (80g size) please ask us for more information.

The Brisk Mini Croissants are ideal for breakfast or brunch and we have a variety of delicious fillings to tempt you with.  They are certainly excellent for kicking brains into gear at a corporate breakfast event or meeting, make sure to order plenty because they're known for going fast.

We bet you thought the croissant originated in France but actually we can thank the Viennese for this soft and buttery pastry. So how did that happen?  Well, the Ottoman Turks tried to take hold of Vienna in 1683 and were starving the citizens hoping they would surrender.  However, one night, people heard the Turks digging a tunnel beneath the city with a plan to attack.  They raised an alarm and an army was put together headed up by King John III of Poland and this army defeated the Turks.  In celebration, Viennese bakers created a crescent shape pastry called Kipferl.  The pastry was popular for many years and in 1770 Austrian Princess Marie Antoinette married King Louis XVI of France and it was renamed the croissant (crescent).

So now you know where the criossant came from - you probably want to know what's inside ours:

Plain and simple...but still totally delicious

Plain croissant with sweet, sticky jam (and butter too!)

Juicy tomato and soft, creamy Brie cheese

Premium quality ham and cheese

The classic BLT

Or the Brisk assortment (a mix of all of the above)

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