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  • Macarons
  • Macarons


You can't fail to be impressed with our collection of exquisite Macarons.  They are ideal to serve at any brunch, lunch or teatime event and look gorgeously appetizing in an array of rainbow colours.  Our Macarons are made using a homemade meringue recipe and we add a little colouring which gives them their spectacular shades.  Each Brisk Macaron is carefully sandwiched together with a fabulous filling inside and we have chocolate for the chocoholics, rosewater with a hint of aromatic rose, raspberry cream fruity and rich, pistachio nut or salted caramel in our selection.  

Macarons are crumbly on the outside but chewy inside and are so delectable it's hard to just enjoy need at least two!  They originate from France, the home of patisserie and baking, although the Italians also lay claim.  We think ours are as good as our French and Italian friends, try them and see for yourself!

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