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  • Gluten Free Sandwiches

Gluten Free Sandwiches

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Just because you can't eat gluten doesn't mean you aren't able to indulge yourself in the Brisk sandwich selections!  We make a special gluten free alternative using Black Ruby artisan gluten free bread, all the taste none of the forbidden ingredients.  That means no wheat and no rye so no worries! We use the multi-seeded variety which is baked with poppy seeds and  it has a sprinkling of sesame, linseed, sunflower and sesame seeds.  It is fabulously crunchy bread with a soft interior.  It's so good that whether you have a reason or not for being gluten free you won't notice a difference so we say try it anyway!

All of our sandwiches, (whether gluten free or otherwise) are homemade in the Brisk kitchen and there are so many incredible fillings we can't even tell you what our favourite is because we love all of them.  Here's what we've got for you:

Premium quality fresh smoked salmon coupled with soft, creamy herbed cheese, tangy capers, crisp rocket and a sprinkle of dill

Our very own poached chicken served with avocado, semi-dried tomatoes, spinach with Swiss cheese

Pulled pork combined with homemade coleslaw, red cabbage and a creamy Swiss cheese

Premium quality Prosciutto blended with sweet fig, rocket, roasted red peppers and Italian Gorgonzola

Poached chicken served with avocado, crispy rocket, Swiss cheese, basil infused pesto and a little mayonnaise

Homemade chicken schnitzel combined with roasted red peppers, spinach, mayo and cheese

Zucchini, grilled eggplant, sweet sundried tomatoes and sweet pumpkin blended with our roasted red peppers and feta cheese.  Finished off with a little basil pesto and a dash of mayo this is the ultimate vegetarian filling!

Roast turkey with avocado, spinach and cranberry and a helping of creamy Brie cheese

12 hour pulled pork, our very own delicious BBQ sauce, homemade coleslaw, pickles and Swiss cheese

Pulled chicken, fresh crispy rocket, crunchy celery, basil pesto and chives

Premium quality Tasmanian smoked salmon with roasted red peppers, crispy rocket, red onion, cream cheese & herbs with capers

Avocado, red onion, tomato and cucumber with alfalfa sprouts, grated carrot and a helping of soft cream cheese

Our own Brisk egg mayo blended with fresh salad and a slither of Dijon mustard

Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Swiss cheese with Dijon mustard

Cold roast beef, spinach, red onion and cheese along with a slither of our Brisk tomato relish

Roast beef and cream of Horseradish with crunchy rocket salad, Swiss cheese and red onion

Beautifully cooked Champagne ham with spinach, sweet tomato, cheese and a slither of mustard


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