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  • Freshly Baked Scones With Jam
  • Freshly Baked Scones With Jam

Freshly Baked Scones With Jam

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There's nothing quite as quintessentially British as the humble scone and this favourite from the other side of the world is a big hit with our clients.  Serve at teatime to impress your corporate guests, the Brisk scones are a twist on the traditional recipe and we call ours Lemonade Scones.  They are large and beautifully fluffy on the inside baked with real lemonade to sweeten them.  We make sure they all have a marvellously crumbly exterior - just how they should be!

No scone should ever be served without lashings of thick double cream and strawberry jam - it's a well-known fact that most British people spread theirs with jam first and then load the cream on top and that's what we do too.  

Did you know that scones originated in the 1500's in Scotland but didn't become popular until the 1800's when the English started to eat them with their afternoon tea? We're mightly glad they did or we wouldn't be enjoying them now over here!

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