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  • Emma & Toms -  350ml

Emma & Toms - 350ml

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We are proud to offer the Emma & Toms fresh fruit juices, homemade here in Australia.  They  come in a range of incredible flavours and are the perfect accompaniment to breakfast meetings or corporate lunches.  These chilled juices are made from whole fruit and are completely nutritious 100% fruit - no preservatives, no additives and no artificials so you know you are giving you, your clients and your team the best!

We offer:

Cloudy Apple which is 100% Australian apples, pressed into a juice and rich in Vitamin C

Karmarama which is a unique blend of utterly delicious orange juice, pineapple juice, banana puree, mango puree, passionfruit and ginseng - a great source of Vitamins and Potassium.  Ginseng is known for providing an energy boost and reducing stress.

Orange Juice which is made from the finest, sweetest Valencia oranges and a little extra Vitamin C.

Radical Action which is a flavoursome mix of peach, mango, apple, orange and blackberries.  It's also got extracts of Green Tea and grape for even more antioxidant benefits.  This is a large dose of  Vitamins in a bottle and will protect you from harmful toxins that attack your immune system and skin.

Extreme C is a fabulous tasting drink which is designed to naturally promote energy levels and replenish hydration, replacing lost nutrients too.  It contains apple, strawberry and guava as well as Acerola berry and rosehip.  Named Extreme C after it's big hit of Vitamin C - it's the perfect natural pick me up!




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