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  • Point Sandwiches


At Brisk, we know some corporate lunchtime and evening events need to cater for a large amount of people quickly and easily.  We also understand that food needs to be delicious, fresh and appetizing so we've devised a selection of catering block tins which provide sandwiches cut into triangles.  We use three different breads; wholemeal, white and multigrain so there's something for everyone.  Our fillings cater for all different palates and we've plenty of choice.

Here's what the Brisk Point Sandwiches have inside:

For vegetarians (and everyone else of course!), avocado, sweet tomato, cucumber and red onion served with a layer of soft cream cheese, grated carrot and alfalfa sprouts

Our own creamy homemade egg mayonnaise with fresh salad and Dijon mustard

Pastrami and Sauerkraut with delicious Swiss cheese, served with mustard

Cold roast beef and cheese served with spinach, red onion, sweet tomato and relish

Cold roast beef with classic Horseradish cream together with red onion, Swiss cheese and a layer of crunchy rocket salad

Champagne ham and cheese with mustard served on a bed of spinach

Grilled eggplant and Zucchini served with sweet pumpkin, sundried tomatoes and roasted red peppers on a layer of Feta cheese with pesto and mayo

Gourmet turkey with cranberry and brie cheese served with spinach and avocado

Pulled chicken with chives, rocket, celery and a dash of pesto

Poached chicken with Swiss cheese served with avocado, crisp rocket, pesto and mayo

Smoked salmon from Tasmania with herbed cream cheese on a layer of rocket with capers and dill

Poached chicken, spinach and Swiss cheese with avocado and sweet tomato

Pulled pork, coleslaw and Swiss cheese served with red cabbage

Prosciutto and fig served with Gorgonzola, red peppers and a layer of fresh, crispy rocket



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