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  • Be Cuon (Rice Paper Rolls)

Be Cuon (Rice Paper Rolls)

Finger Food | In stock
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You Cuon't Compare Our Be Cuon

For those of you unfamiliar with the term Be Cuon, it comes from Vietnam and it means rice paper rolls.  They are soft and light and delicious cold snacks.  Ours contain premium pork, fresh prawns, crispy vegetables, mint and coriander. Each is cooked inside and individually wrapped in rice paper.  Easy to eat, gluten free and exceptionally healthy they'll give your corporate clients a delectable light bite!  You could call them healthy spring rolls and actually, these little bites have been voted in the world's top 50 delicious foods.  We say every man and woman for themselves because we've seen people fight over the last roll!

The rice paper we use is extremely fine and delicate, made by steaming over boiling water and our bites are so healthy because there's no frying involved.  These rice rolls are eaten all over Vietnam especially for breakfast although we prefer to enjoy them at lunch time or even in the evening.   We think you'll be suitably impressed with our flavours and fillings.

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