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  • Banh Mi (Baby Viet Baguettes)
  • Banh Mi (Baby Viet Baguettes)
  • Banh Mi (Baby Viet Baguettes)

Banh Mi (Baby Viet Baguettes)

Finger Food | In stock
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It's All About The Family...And The Corporate Guests Too!

Eating together is a way of life in Vietnam.  When you visit you'll notice that everyone crams together to socialise and experience the tradition of enjoying delicous, fresh food. Sound familiar? It should because just like your corporate catering events, all your guests will savour  our platters, networking while delighting in our tasty delicacies!

We particularly love our Be Banh Mi baguettes.  They are a fusion of French and Vietnames cuisine. In Vietnamese, the term Banh means bread and Mi means wheat and these delicacies are also very similar to the baguette, hence the French and Vietnamese blend.  We've filled ours with a number of incredible fillings including plenty of healthy options too.  Our baby baguettes are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside (just how a baguette should be!).  Try the fillings - you'll be coming back for more!

BBQ Chicken - who can resist the tangy, smoky flavour of bbq'd chicken?  We can't!

Lemongrass beef - inspired by our Vietnamese friends this filling blends premium strips of beef with a citrusy hit of lemongrass

Roast pork and crackling - indulge in succulent roast pork with a generous amount of crispy crackling...mmm!

Tofu - a healthy alternative packed with plenty of flavour and a little dash of something extra to give it plenty of zing!

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