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  • Baked Treats
  • Baked Treats

Baked Treats

Sweet Treats | In stock
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Baking it Back!

At Brisk we know our corporate clients love their sweet treats and no one can fail to be impressed with our gourmet baked treats which are a selection of world-famous recipes.  Our chef has chosen his favourites with a variety of divine flavours that melt in the mouth.

Choose from:

Choux pastry chocolate eclairs inspired by the very best French patisseries and incorporating soft fluffy custard, whispery light choux pastry and a decadent amount of gorgeously creamy dark chocolate or sweet caramel.

Home-baked large British fluffy scones which crumble in your mouth and are served with strawberry jam and vanilla flavoured whipped cream, reminiscent of afternoon tea in England (available in plain or fruit).

Sicilian cannoli pastry shells filled with rich and smooth creamy custard and lightly dusted with fine, powdered sugar.

"Millionaires" crispy shortbread tarts, a favourite in American filled with with delectably sweet and gooey caramel and a rich ganache cream.

The French word "friand" means dainty and our French inspired Friands are exactly that,  light and fluffy oval shaped cakes.  We offer a variety of flavours including chocolate chip, raspberry and thyme, raspberry and pistachio or zesty orange and almond. 

Try impressing your guests with our incredible sweet treats above and we promise you will all be absolutely delighted!


Product Information

Friands A variety of delightfully moist & flavoured
friands. Assorted selection of chocolate chip, raspberry & thyme, raspberry & pistachio or orange & almond.
Eclairs Delicious choux pastry éclairs, available in darkchocolate or caramel & filled with custard.
Scones Baked to a traditional recipe these large & fluffy scones are available in plain and fruit.
Cannoli Crispy pastry shells, lined with dark chocolate,
filled with chocolate and vanilla custard and
dusted with snow sugar.
Mini Tarts A perfectly baked shortbread shell with a variety of fillings.

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