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Did you know that Caesar salad came from Italy but not from that famous Roman, Julius Caesar?  The Caesar salad was concocted by an Italian gentleman called Cardini Caesar who was originally from Lake Maggiore in Italy but moved over to the USA after the First World War.  The salad was first made on the 4th July in 1924 when Caesar was short on ingredients for his regular salads so he used what he had and his customers were delighted with the results!

We have a slightly different take on the original Caesar and we believe that our Baby Cos Caesar salad is the ideal office lunch for a meeting – it is unbelievably fresh and full of quality nutrients as well as being exceedingly tasty.  Packed with phenomenal flavor it consists of crisp baby Cos lettuce, pieces of freshly prepared bacon, perfectly poached free range eggs with tangy anchovies.  Finally we top it with homemade crunchy golden croutons along with fine slithers of shaved real Italian parmesan, and a little drizzle of our dreamy Caesar dressing.  It will certainly keep hunger pangs at bay!

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