Catering delivery to Docklands

We deliver to Docklands

Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm

Enjoy Our Delicious Catering Delivered To Docklands

We love delivering to some amazing office spaces in Docklands. We love keeping our foodie clients happy with so creative food options.
If yo require any catering we are just 10 minutes away and deliver Monday to Friday. Deliver is free.

It was fabulous, very happy
customer. Just upset I didn't know about
them earlier :)

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About our catering

  • Individual and plattered sandwitched
  • An endless range of delicious filling
  • Bento box lunches
  • Gourmet to value options
  • Salad ans sandwitch combinations
  • Gluten free breads, veggie, vegan and dairy free fillings

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