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Corporate Catering for Start-Ups

Being the new kid on the block we know a thing or two about being a start up! That is why we have been thinking.... wouldnt it be great to reward start-ups that require catering with a huge discount on their first order? Yes it would.  That is why we are offering 50% discount to start ups for their firstorder (Conditions Apply).   I thought of the idea during one of my weekly deliveries to Uber. The service has completely created a new industry of ride sharing and revolutionised the was people travel. Within their Melbourne office there is a great...

Sushi Catering

Sushi Platters are big in the catering scene in Melbourne. We are seeing a trend from our corporate catering clients when purchasing our products and Sushi is on the rise. Consider this, imagine you could provide your guests with a fresh healthy and tasty finger food that is easy to eat and no mess. Sushi is much easier to eat than a sandwich or a wrap. It is also great with other finger food items such as wontons, rice paper rolls, spring rolls and our other asian cuisine catering products. Best we look at the health benefits of sushi! Most...

Product Spotlight: Gourmet Pies

Our gourmet pie range is a popular selection and one of our highest sold products, which is why we have chosen to complete this write up. Let's just think about it, the pie is synonymous with aussie culture, has been a staple at footy matches and reminds us of being a child again. We think this is why they are such a popular product, as well as what goes into the making of a pie. The pie is a labour of love. When making our pies we ensure the pie crust is flaky and golden, it must melt in your...

Sandwich Platter Catering

Sandwich platters are a popular choice for our clients when they are organizing their catering event. The sandwich is universal; everyone knows them and grew up eating sandwiches. The great thing about the sandwich platter is that you can have a multitude of fillings, cater for vegetarians or guests with intolerances to gluten. It can be cut and made in different ways, ribbon, point, club or square. They can be made in a variety of sandwich breads or rolls, multigrain, white, sour dough, whole meal, rye, ciabatta, baguette or turkish… Can you image the possibilities? We also recommend that the...

Advantages of Corporate Catering

Are you considering investing in corporate catering for your business, but not certain if it is worth the cost?  We are going to outline the many advantages of utilizing a corporate catering company, in comparison to handling the catering yourself, or avoiding catering all together. There are many businesses in Melbourne both big and small employing catering companies to handle their events, meetings, conferences, parties and product launches. Catering has become so popular that it now represents $6 billion of our economy. These companies understand the importance of a caterer within their business. Just think of the work involved in...