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with love from the bottom of Foodly heart

Brisk Vitamins

We know, we keep going on about vitamins but the fact is, when you are working hard every day your body needs to be armed with what it needs to cope. Illness in the office hinders working progress and usually, when one employee goes down with the flu or other nasty virus, others soon follow. So, if you’re catering for your staff, get the right type of food in to keep their immune system fit and healthy but also to stave off hunger and to keep the brain quick and sharp. Brisk catering in Melbourne’s CBD is what you need...

Catering for Vegans

More and more people are turning vegan especially the millennial generation. People today are buying into an animal cruelty-free lifestyle and a lifestyle that makes them feel healthy, happy and vital. Magazines, the newspapers and even the TV News are full of features and articles on the benefits of a meat-free, poultry-free and fish-free diet. Today’s restaurants and hotels have really responded to requests for dairy free, gluten free, meat-free and free-from plenty of other ingredients, they’re used to providing meals for every palate and every type of diet. The same applies to Brisk Catering here in Melbourne’s CBD. Our...

The Nation’s Favourite Dishes

Being true foodies, we’re always exploring new options at Brisk to bring you your favourite food and of course, some exciting new twists. Our reputation is for always delivering excellent quality dishes and we strive for perfection so you enjoy delicious tasting, freshly prepared food while you work in Melbourne’s CBD. We also like to regularly conduct research, finding out what trends are coming up so we can develop new recipes in our Brisk kitchen and we like to chat to our regular clients to see what they’re team or clients particularly comment on. Additionally, we aim to please, so...

Make it a Healthy New Year Without Restriction!

With Christmas behind us it’s time to focus on 2018 and what it will bring. The beginning of the year is often the time that us Aussies decide we need to shed the Christmas excess. We’ve all been indulgent over the festive season and why not? It’s a time to really enjoy and get together with friends and family so there’s bound to be plenty of delicious food and drink to savour. However, the New Year is resolution time so if you’ve been meaning to shift a few unwanted pounds or you’ve been promising yourself that you’re going to hit...

The Humble Sandwich

Ah the sandwich, where would we be without it? One of us Aussies’ favourite lunchtime staples has come a long way. There’s no need to explain why but just in case, the sandwich is an easy, portable food that is filling, delicious and can be packed full of so many flavours – its versatility knows no bounds! In Australia, 26 sandwiches are eaten per second making it literally the number one choice at lunchtime and throughout the day. Bearing that in mind, we at Brisk thought you might like to gain a little more insight into the sandwich, where it...