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with love from the bottom of Foodly heart

The Great Scone Debate

If like us, you’re a lover of freshly baked scones for breakfast or for tea then you might have spent some thinking times pondering the jam with cream or cream with jam debate that is often argued by our British cousins. As one of the biggest suppliers of scones to Melbourne’s CBD, Brisk Corporate Catering knows a thing or two about these little baked goodies. Firstly, ours are called lemonade scones, they’re just slightly sweeter and impressively light and fluffy on the inside but nice and crumbly on the outside (just how scones should be). Secondly, every single one of...

Is Your Office Lunch a Non-Event?

Typically, Australians take their lunchbreak anytime between 12 and 2pm and in an ideal world that sounds great but the reality is, most office workers skip lunch altogether or rush through it. Unfortunately, we know that Australian’s take on average just 30 minutes break to eat lunch and a lot of that time is spent just mechanically chewing away at an unsatisfying sandwich grabbed from the nearest eaterie. Or it’s something thrown into a work bag on the way to the office, no doubt having lost its appeal all those hours later. A 2017 poll by QuickSheets asked 500 Australians...

Five Power Foods to Boost Your Overall Health

Working hard all day without paying attention to your body can lead to fatigue and even illness, particularly if you don’t lead a healthy lifestyle. Eating on the hop, not having enough time to get to the gym and sitting at a desk in a stuffy office all day eventually takes its toll. What you eat is extremely important so if you’re finding that the cooler days aren’t helping with feeling great, perhaps take a look at your diet and ring the changes. At Brisk Catering in Melbourne’s CBD, we spend lots of our time developing new and exciting dishes...

Food and Mood

As well as affecting work performance, health and weight – food also affects your mood. That’s another reason why what you eat during the working week really impacts how you feel and how you act to your colleagues, clients and customers. So the old saying “You are What You Eat” really rings true and it’s important to take into consideration your meals to stay happy, calm and considered. Eating the right type of food can be the difference between a successful business meeting and one that doesn’t go to plan. Generally, making sure you eat a good balance of whole...

Brain Food!

Brisk catering in Melbourne’s CBD is the number one office and meeting caterer so we know what type of food your staff, customers and clients need to deliver the best possible performance at work. There’s a lot to be said for brain food. It’s the fuel your body and mind needs to really get creative, and to get through a busy day at the office. Load up on unnecessary carbs and you’ll feel sluggish when you need to stay awake. Eat too much sugar and you’ll experience sharp highs and big lows when you’ll be desperate for a calorie-laden bar...