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Why Good Catered Food is an Important Benefit For Your Company’s Culture

There’s no doubt that food is an incredible way to bring people together and even more so if it is freshly prepared, oozing goodness and absolutely drenched in exquisite flavours! No matter where you live in the world, food is what binds communities, is used as a large part of celebrations and defines different cultures. This means that there is immense power in food and that power can be used in your office. It can go a long way to boosting staff morale and making sure productivity in your Melbourne office is always to the maximum. The Brisk kitchen in Melbourne already knows that food can be utilised to really inspire and motivate staff. Not a day goes by when we aren’t busy preparing fresh, lavish sandwich platters, breakfast platters, vegetable crudités, salad bowls or finger food that we then hand-deliver to a number of businesses in Melbourne’s CBD. Many CEO clients of ours already understand the importance of good, catered food and always go the extra mile, providing daily meals for their staff while they foot the bill.

They know that providing their team with a free lunch or breakfast is a real benefit and goes a long way. When we’ve spoken to them, they’ve told us that by providing a catered breakfast or lunch daily ensures a happy team. It also guarantees that they eat healthily which is enormously important for good cognitive performance. Give your staff a good meal and you will help to increase loyalty, retain employees and boost productivity in the office. We know from various studies that this type of staff benefit helps to improve company culture Additionally, more than 21% of Aussie employees eat at their desks ( That is an ideal opportunity to make sure they take a break, move away from their desks and eat something tasty and nutritious while being sociable with others in the workplace.

It doesn’t have to be lunch either. Skipping breakfast could seriously harm your employees’ health and as more and more workers hurry to the office during a busy Melbourne commute, they often just grab a coffee and arrive at their desks hungry. A hungry employee will not produce his or her best work so why not provide a platter of delicious baked goods such as Brisk’s mini Danish pastries, freshly baked muffins, breakfast sliders and more to start the day? A colourful platter of freshly cut fruit is full of the right vitamins and anti-oxidants to get going too and everyone loves fruit!

There’s no doubt that this type of benefit goes a long way to making your company an attractive place to work for a potential new employee. Those businesses with better benefits packages attract new hires at a far greater rate than those who don’t. It’s understandable that many companies don’t have an unlimited budget, but with Brisk breakfast prices as low as just $35 for 10 muffins, even if you lay on breakfast just once a week, it’s a welcome bonus. You’ll reap rewards with a happier, fuller workplace and less sick days.

For more information on truly delicious, fresh daily or weekly corporate catering, contact Brisk in Melbourne on 1300-322-240.





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