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The Nation’s Favourite Dishes

Being true foodies, we’re always exploring new options at Brisk to bring you your favourite food and of course, some exciting new twists. Our reputation is for always delivering excellent quality dishes and we strive for perfection so you enjoy delicious tasting, freshly prepared food while you work in Melbourne’s CBD. We also like to regularly conduct research, finding out what trends are coming up so we can develop new recipes in our Brisk kitchen and we like to chat to our regular clients to see what they’re team or clients particularly comment on. Additionally, we aim to please, so it’s important to incorporate the nation’s favourite food in our menu. If you’ve ever wondered what us Aussies prefer to eat, here’s a list of the nation’s top five favourite dishes – is yours on there?

Barbecued Shrimp/Prawns

There’s nothing like throwing some shrimps or some prawns on the Barbie especially when the weather’s hot! A delicious plate of prawns freshly cooked in the sunshine is one of our favourite foods. Pair with an ice cold beer and frankly, there’s not a lot else you need. We can’t deliver bbq’d food to your office but our Brisk Prawn Skewers are one of our most requested finger foods. We only use freshly caught prawns, display them on easy-to-use skewers and we add two sauces too, lime and spicy cilantro or peppery basil pesto. That’s the way to bring sunshine into any meeting room, no bbq required. 


No self-respecting Aussie doesn’t love a good pie! It’s the ultimate comfort food and certainly a filling lunchtime dish for those working in a busy office or involved in a meeting that stretches over the lunchtime period. Our pies are absolutely delicious (if we say so ourselves) and we provide gluten-free versions too. Enjoy completely wholesome and homemade mini pies which we source direct from Melbourne pie company Boscastle. They’re light and crumbly, filled with 100% Aussie beef, onion and tomato. Each little pie is perfect for a bite-size piece but the trouble is, one is never enough!


Lamington is an Aussie icon, sweet sponge with a jam filling and then dipped in chocolate with coconut…not wanting to disappoint, Brisk doesn’t do Lamington but we do have our own options that if we say so ourselves, taste even better. We’ve got our Prestige Mini Cakes, an exciting collection of different flavours, all packed in little bites that you can really enjoy as dessert or with your morning coffee. Homemade and beautifully decorated and baked with the lightest sponge they’re moist and flavoursome. We’ve got carrot cake, pistachio & raspberry cake, coconut & lime cake, banana cake (who doesn’t love that?), Red Velvet chocolate cake, chocolate & raspberry cake, decadent chocolate cake, orange cake, lemon cake, vanilla & blueberry cake and finally, date pudding, a toffee-flavour cake. We don’t think there’s room for Lamington….


Burgers are one of the nation’s favourites and there’s no surprise that they feature on this list. We like ours juicy, using good quality meat and we’re a bit partial to cheeseburgers too, although we like to load up with other goodies (beef tomato, lettuce, apple…anything goes!). For something tasty to tantalise your lunchtime taste-buds why not order in our very own Brisk Brioche Sliders? A take on classic burgers with the softest, fluffiest brioche buns sprinkled with sesame seeds and four different options to choose from, including vegetarian falafel & hummus, Wagyu beef, lettuce, tomato & cheese, pulled pork & apple stew or a very regular and yummy cheeseburger.

Sausage Rolls

Another old fave features on this list and the humble sausage roll will always be high up as an Aussie specialty. Our mini sausage roll platter consists of everything you need to impress important clients and we make ours using premium quality beef. We also like to add in our own Brisk excitement so we sprinkle our rolls with crunchy black sesame seeds. They have to be tasted to be believed!

So, to give your clients or your team a treat that you know they’ll be impressed with, choose the Aussie favourites. Call Brisk Catering in Melbourne on 1300 322 240 and ask for the list above, that way you’ll know for sure there’s something that’ll definitely be someone’s favourite dish.