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The Little Things That Impress an Important Client

Perhaps you have an upcoming meeting that’s a real deal-breaker!  The one where you have the potential of landing a huge contract or a brand new client?  Then you know that you really need to push the boat out.  Obviously, you’ll want to be completely prepared for your meeting, with the right presentation, hand-outs (if you’re not yet completely paper-free), a comfortable setting and business knowledge to really enthuse and excite your client.  However, while your own expertise is top of the agenda, it’s those little things that add to a long-lasting impression and let your client know that you really value his or her business.  Brisk Corporate Catering in Melbourne’s CBD is the go-to for big (and small) businesses in and around the area.  We’re used to providing all of our clients with scrumptious platters of delicious tasting, beautifully presented food that not only tantalises taste buds but also gets those creative juices flowing!  Bearing that in mind, we know how to impress your clients and make them, well, come back for more!

Set the Scene

A comfortable room to hold your meeting is something so obvious, but yet still often missed.  Yes, today’s offices are mainly open-plan but no one wants to sit in a meeting with office noise, people chatting, telephones ringing, the printer churning out reams of paper and the general buzz that makes offices exciting places to be.  It goes without saying that where you can, book out a meeting room.  Sometimes meetings are called for at short notice so when there’s nowhere available, either choose the quietest area of the office and make it off-limits to those not a part of your meeting – or, go somewhere else entirely.  This gives you privacy and makes your client feel valued.

Check your Tech!

Check all your technology works first too.  Countless meetings start late because the printer doesn’t connect or the laptop isn’t playing ball.  Any screens should be ready to go, so stop by half an hour before and get everything set up beautifully.  Your presentation (if you’re using one) should be ready to go in one click.  Also check the comfort of the room, is it set up so everyone gets a good view of who’s talking?  Is it at a good temperature?  Too hot and you’ll send your clients to sleep, too cold and everyone will be shivering.  The best temperature for a meeting is around 21 degrees.  

Serve Refreshments

Serve refreshments, even if it’s a brief meeting.  A half an hour or 40 minute breakfast meeting should still incorporate freshly brewed coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and some delightful breakfast items.  Choose from Brisk’s repertoire, we have Bircher muesli, wholesome bagels with a variety of fillings, different breakfast bowls (to suit all palettes including vegan), brioche rolls, fresh fruit, scones oozing with jam and cream, quiche, Danish pastries, yoghurts and so much more (check our breakfast menu out here 

Any meeting going over an hour simply must offer refreshment and that’s why at Brisk we have something for any time of day, even after dark!  Our lunchtime specials don’t just include a fabulous array of sandwiches with any filling you could possibly think of  and wrapped in baguette, wraps, different breads (gluten free) and more.  We’ve also got hearty soup (ideal when it’s cooler weather) and sushi…not to mention a huge treasure trove of other Asian style goodies! We’re known for our petit fours catering in Melbourne, sweet treats that are just oh so French ideal for teatime.  Can we tempt you with citrusy lemon meringue tartlets, strawberry cheesecakes, passionfruit tartlets and more?  They are just some of our petit fours flavours.

Stick to Good Time-Keeping

As well as your catering, and it really is important, start your meeting on time.  Be aware of time too.  Your client will doubtless have other places to be, so try your best not to overrun.  Bearing that in mind, practice any presentation first to make sure it doesn’t go on for too long as you need time for questions and negotiation. Prepare an agenda, allocate times to items and stick to those times.

Be Professional

Always be professional so don’t be over familiar, unless you have a genuine long-standing relationship!  Dress according to your client. So, if they’re from a creative industry and they favour relaxed clothing, you can do the same, if it’s appropriate for your business but never wear jeans and trainers if they’re from a smartly dressed company.  You don’t have to wear a suit, but dress appropriately.

Follow Up and Follow Through

Finally – always follow up within 24 hours with meeting notes, to confirm what was said and agreed.  That way everyone stays on the same page.  Keep dialogue open so your client knows just how approachable you are and any items that require a follow through – make sure everything is done so your client appreciates how efficient you are.

Let us cater your business meeting, did you know – we offer a free sample platter!  Click here for more information.