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The Great Scone Debate

If like us, you’re a lover of freshly baked scones for breakfast or for tea then you might have spent some thinking times pondering the jam with cream or cream with jam debate that is often argued by our British cousins. As one of the biggest suppliers of scones to Melbourne’s CBD, Brisk Corporate Catering knows a thing or two about these little baked goodies. Firstly, ours are called lemonade scones, they’re just slightly sweeter and impressively light and fluffy on the inside but nice and crumbly on the outside (just how scones should be). Secondly, every single one of our scones are freshly baked on our premises every single day, while you’re sleeping in your cosy beds, we’re busy baking so you get all the benefits later on at a business lunch, tea or just because! We are proud that our freshly baked scones continue to be one of the most requested items on our extensive menus (you can order them here from just $3.50 As we’re rather knowledgeable on scones we’re going to settle the jam/cream, cream/jam debate once and for all!

We can thank the Brits for our love of scones. They’ve been enjoying their since the 1800’s (although they were originally served in the 15th century in Scotland) along with cream teas. We also know that Queen Elizabeth II still takes tea when she’s at home. Her old chef was instrumental in revealing just how she likes to take her tea, including how she spreads her scones! The Queen’s chef, Darren McGrady, who worked for her for over ten years, Tweeted that the Queen requests her scones with homemade Balmoral strawberry jam first and then a nice amount of clotted cream on top. This royal tradition isn’t just how the queen takes her tea, it’s how garden parties held at Buckingham Palace serve their scones.

Of course, as with every age-old debate, the buck doesn’t stop there! There are two ways to take tea according to the Brits. There’s the Cornish way and the Devon way. How the Queen likes her scones sparked quite a row. The Cornish residents were furious that apparently the Queen takes her scones the Devon way whereas Devon residents were quite thrilled that their method of strawberry jam spreading followed by cream was…well, rather regal!

Frankly, here in Melbourne on the other side of the world, we’re not too bothered how you like to enjoy your scones as long as they’re the Brisk variety! We do, however, serve them as Queen Elizabeth II like hers except we prefer double cream first and followed by strawberry jam. So if her majesty comes to Melbourne anytime soon – perhaps she’d like to sample ours?

For our fresh baked scones and other simply scrumptious homemade Brisk goodies to your place of work, contact us here.



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