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Sustainable catering for your office

How to eat sustainably to save the planet.

There has been a movement from businesses and larger companies to ensure they are dealing with sustainable suppliers and embarking on practices within the office that support this. People are now more invested in knowing where their food comes from, if it has been produced in a sustainable way and if it is being delivered in eco-friendly packaging. 

What is sustainability?

You would have heard of the term sustainability in the media or it may be a requirement in your workplace. Sustainability is simply about not depleting our natural resources whilst still being aware of the economic and social impacts of our activities. We all have a part to play and eating sustainably doesn't need to be a major shift, but it can be done through small steps and changes in our everyday habits with the resulting positive impact on future generations.

Why is it important?

Unfortunately, our resources are not infinite so it is important for us as a community to lower our greenhouse gas emissions, look into more sustainable diets and learn about the impact the type of food we eat has on our world. The goal of sustainable catering is to minimize the environmental impacts through initiatives such as reducing food waste, reducing food miles by supporting local suppliers and more importantly changing out habits for a more sustainable future.



How to order sustainable catering

Below are all the tips and tricks you need for introducing sustainable catering and eco-friendly food habits into your workplace. 

Source local and seasonal produce

We are all about providing seasonal menus and supporting our local businesses who also support our local farmers. Eating seasonally is the most effective way to start reducing your footprint on the environment. The further your produce needs to travel the larger the carbon footprint so it really makes sense to get your fresh produce from locally based suppliers. 

Reduce your food waste

Did you know that each year around 7 tonnes of food ends up in landfill each year. To put this in perspective it equals 300kg per person (or one in five bags of groceries), which is pretty insane. The flow-on effect is that this food waste accounts for more than five percent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

We have implemented a number of initiatives within our workplace which are transferable to your home or office. We compost any food waste on site and donate our compost to schools, farms and employees. If you have any requirement for great compost feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help. Composting is a great idea for the home and fun if you get the kids involved. We also have an ordering system that assists our chefs with ordering the correct amount of stock for our catering orders thus reducing our overall kitchen wastage. Our goal is to procure the correct amount of food thus minimizing wastage. 

Eat less meat

Meat consumption around the globe is rising, while this may be great for our taste buds, it doesn't serve the environment so well. This growth in consumption and farming ultimately increases carbon emissions. 

Cutting down the amount of red and white meat we consume is the best way to tackle this problem. This also doesn't mean going vegetarian, vegan or plant based but reducing your intake by 25% to 50% would make the world of difference. 

Ready to give it a go? Simply swap out your normal catering options with vegetarian or vegan for your next corporate catering order. Not only are you doing your bit for the environment, you’re also feeding your team healthy foods that look and taste great. 


Support sustainable corporate caterers

With this movement to provide a more sustainable future it is important to support local suppliers and caterers who have sustainable processes and packaging such as recyclable/compostable boxes, trays and food containers. 

Whether you need catering for an event or a general office meeting it’s worth checking out if less plastic can be used. We have made the conscious choice to use 100% eco-friendly packaging that is made from sustainable materials and is either recyclable or compostable. In addition, we have replaced all plastics with wooden or cardboard alternatives.