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Product Spotlight: Gourmet Pies

Our gourmet pie range is a popular selection and one of our highest sold products, which is why we have chosen to complete this write up. Let's just think about it, the pie is synonymous with aussie culture, has been a staple at footy matches and reminds us of being a child again. We think this is why they are such a popular product, as well as what goes into the making of a pie.

The pie is a labour of love. When making our pies we ensure the pie crust is flaky and golden, it must melt in your mouth. We use only premium fillings from gourmet ingredients, gone are the days of the humble mince beef pie as it is now and art form.

We have managed to create a whole range of fillings to suit everyone’s tastes. With different types of meats; chicken, Angus, Wagyu, lamb!

Aussie Pure Beef - Quality minced beef is cooked with onion, tomato and beef stock. A truly memorable eating experience

Black Angus Beef - Tender, succulent pieces of Certified Australian Black Angus Beef are cooked with onions, garlic and tomato to create a gourmet treat

Beef Burgundy - Diced beef cooked slowly with red wine infused beef stock, onion, garlic and sweetened with paprika

Chicken & Mushroom - Tender chicken pieces cooked with onion and mushrooms and finished with cream and parsley

Thai Chicken - Red Thai paste is slowly sautéed to release its fragrant flavour and then combined with chicken, coconut, cream and chicken stock. Simmered and finished with fresh coriander and lemon juice

Moroccan Lamb - Exotic Middle Eastern spices are sautéed to release their aroma and then combined with Australia Lamb, dates and chickpeas. The result is a deliciously sweet and fragrant pie with a distinctive flavour

Roast Lamb & Vegetable - Roasted pumpkin and sweet potato are cooked with lamb and rosemary and finished with red currant jelly

Beef Guinness - This authentic pie captures the very essence of Irish cuisine. Generous chunks of beef stewed with Guinness Ale, carrots and celery and finished with dates. The result is a delicious bitter, sweet beef pie

Korma Curry Vegetable - Onions are sautéed with ginger, garlic and our special curry spices to form the basis of this delicate vegetable curry. Full of vegetables, sweetened with sultanas and finished with lime juice and fresh mint

Chicken, Leek & Swiss Cheese - A pie that was inspired by the Swiss fondue. This is a rich blend of chicken, leek, wine and Swiss cheese

Beef & Mushroom - Two very popular ingredients beef and mushroom are cooked with onions and beef stock until tender and juicy and then finished with a dash of cream for that certain – Je n’est ce quoi 

If you are located in Melbourne and are looking for gourmet pies for your next catering event we suggest you contact us or take a look at our range online.