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Make it a Healthy New Year Without Restriction!

With Christmas behind us it’s time to focus on 2018 and what it will bring. The beginning of the year is often the time that us Aussies decide we need to shed the Christmas excess. We’ve all been indulgent over the festive season and why not? It’s a time to really enjoy and get together with friends and family so there’s bound to be plenty of delicious food and drink to savour. However, the New Year is resolution time so if you’ve been meaning to shift a few unwanted pounds or you’ve been promising yourself that you’re going to hit the gym like never before it’s likely you’re already ringing the changes. The trouble is, keeping it up because usually, “diet” food = taste-free.

Brisk Makes Mouth-watering Healthy Food

So if you do cater your office breakfasts, lunches or snacks or you like to bring in business lunches, it’s worth speaking to your favourite corporate caterers in Melbourne’s CBD – someone like Brisk! We completely understand the importance of eating well. It doesn’t mean a couple of lettuce leaves with liberally sprinkled cucumber. It’s about bringing your clients and staff mouth-watering options so they don’t feel they’re substituting their usual stodge. You want them to feel like they’re treating themselves to something that still tastes great and keeps their tummies lean as well as their brains switched on!

Low-Cal Doesn’t Mean No-Taste

When you hear your staff or your co-workers say that they’re going on a diet, perhaps persuade them that they can eat healthy food without having to restrain themselves. You can actually eat what you want as long (within reason) as you don’t go overboard and as long as you do get some exercise.   However, the key to “diet” food is flavour. Most diet food is very bland or packed full of salt so it isn’t good for you in other ways. One of the reasons most fad diets fail is because the meals involved are tasteless. So people automatically reach for a snack within an hour of eating. Now, these days, luckily there are tastier options and good flavour doesn’t have to mean calorific meals. At Brisk, we have the world’s flavours in our kitchen and using herbs and spices, we easily jazz up food that isn’t high in fat of calories so it tastes sublime.

So what can you get your corporate caterer to bring you? We’ve some great ideas up our sleeves! Here’s what we recommend for far healthier eating at work:

For Breakfast…

Start the day with colourful fruit. Everyone knows it’s good for you and the vitamin content helps to keep your skin clear and boost cell renewal.   Choose fruit skewers or fruit salad cups.

Chia seed Bircher muesli is one of the best starts you can give your body. It’s genuinely healthy fuel and with protein, vitamins and vital nutrients packed inside our delicious tasting muesli, it’s brain food for a great working day. We top ours with fresh berries or fruit (depending on season). Alternatively, why not enjoy our indulgent yoghurt pot? Also topped with fresh berries (depending on season, made with creamy Greek yoghurt and berry coulis, it’s great for your gut as it contains “good bacteria” to keep your gut working to its optimum.


For Lunch…

There’s no need to have sandwiches with the Brisk selection of filling salads. There are numerous tasty options, all freshly made with exciting ingredients. No more boring lettuce, cucumber and tomato! For example, we have chicken, chickpea, pumpkin, kale with dukkah dressing, a truly elaborate salad that is jam-packed with nutritious ingredients that will blow your taste-buds away! Or try our quinoa, beetroot and carrot with a red wine dressing. The quinoa is filling and the zingy flavours of beetroot combined with carrot give this salad a real kick.

Of course, if you’d rather a sandwich, just switch to a healthier outer layer – instead of wholemeal bread or ciabatta, opt for our light and airy gluten-free wraps instead and stick with the lower calorie varieties such as avocado, tomato, cucumber with red onion and alfalfa sprouts plus freshly grated carrot and cream cheese.

Remember, even if you just want to cut back a little, you can still enjoy your favourite sandwich filling, by switching to a wrap instead of bread you will automatically reduce your calorie intake yet still enjoy all of the flavours you love.

Pick-Me Ups

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up during the day, skip that chocolate bar or bag of crisps! Instead, try the Brisk selection of energy food. We’ve got plenty to keep that brain engaged and your tummy satisfied. The Protein balls by Health Lab are a great sweet treat that aren’t over-full with calories and are all-natural, sugar free and gluten free. Choose from cocoa (chocolate flavour), peanut butter coconut or almond.

Back Home

There are other options you can do at home. Rather than loading up the mayo, you could make a healthy mashed up avocado. In our opinion, it tastes better and it’s full of “good” fat along with plenty of anti-oxidant vitamins. If you’re a carnivore at heart and you want something really filling (for example a Bolognese sauce, a chili con carne or a shepherd’s pie), reduce the fatty meat content and add in more chopped up vegetables. You’ll get even more great flavour coming through.

So there you have it – some quick wins to shift some of those unwanted pounds without having to resort to a restricted calorie diet. At Brisk, we’re about enjoying good food, and making the most of eating healthily too!



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