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Is Your Office Lunch a Non-Event?

Typically, Australians take their lunchbreak anytime between 12 and 2pm and in an ideal world that sounds great but the reality is, most office workers skip lunch altogether or rush through it. Unfortunately, we know that Australian’s take on average just 30 minutes break to eat lunch and a lot of that time is spent just mechanically chewing away at an unsatisfying sandwich grabbed from the nearest eaterie. Or it’s something thrown into a work bag on the way to the office, no doubt having lost its appeal all those hours later.

A 2017 poll by QuickSheets asked 500 Australians what they do with their time over lunch. Interestingly, with that half an hour we talked about earlier on, 18% eat their lunch at their desk (16% eat lunch at the office café or lunch room). Only 3% of Australians go out for a walk or to the local shops, 4% go home and 6% exercise and the rest browse social media, socialise with colleagues, go to their car or go to sleep! Furthermore, 3.8 million Aussies skip lunch altogether (according to analysis by the Australia Insttitue). So, what can be done to inspire better eating habits? How about changing over your lunch box!

Have we got your attention? Now think about how many times you eat lunch in ten minutes flat? That’s no time to savour the flavours or even digest it properly! Let’s not talk about the health implications of skipping lunch or even the indigestion that goes along with stuffing food quickly down to satisfy those hunger pangs. Let’s focus on the importance of taking a break, enjoying food properly and pausing to think about other things that don’t relate to work.

Eating a healthy lunch from a prepared lunch box can make a huge difference to how you feel about your working day and yourself too! There’s nothing fun contemplating that warm, unloved and unfriendly sandwich staring at you from the depths of your work bag. There’s no real reason to stop and take a break when there’s nothing interesting to enjoy but lets be honest, not many of you have time to make your own delicious, innovative and exciting lunch before we leave the house. Especially when you’ve got to get to the office on time (and overslept, again!).

If you do still make your own lunch at home, then maybe you’re not that inspired or you barely have time to throw together a cheese sandwich let alone grab a piece of fruit and a healthy snack. Perhaps that’s why you can’t be bothered to eat right or even take that break that you’ve earned. Luckily, Brisk can inspire you! Being the corporate caterers of choice in Melbourne’s CBD, we know that lunch is important but we also understand your work ethic. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take a break but we make it a really healthy, nutritious and delicious one. One that’s worth taking time out for. Yes, we do create the most sumptuous business lunches too but we’re talking about every day lunch, the type of lunch that you and your staff deserve. The type of lunch that we can deliver right to your door and give your people the opportunity to switch off and recharge so they have higher levels of afternoon productivity and less fatigue.

It’s time for you to try our Brisk lunchbox, a tasty lunch that gives you everything you need to feel satisfied. Choose from the dairy free lunchbox (chia pudding, fruit, turkey, cranberry cucumber, avocado and spinach baguette plus a deliciously scrumptuous mini brownie), the vegan lunchbox (chia pudding, fruit, vegan baguette roll, chef’s salad and that yummy brownie!), or our regular lunchbox which consists of fruit, sandiwch (from our list of many incredible fillings), water and a crunchy chef’s salad.

No more eating an unsatisfying, mediocre lunch at your desk with Brisk – we cater for your tastebuds!