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Individually Packed Range

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

We understand that times are different and moving forward there is a lot of uncertainty. From a catering perspective we are still unsure how the landscape is going to look like. Such questions arise is how will the demand look like in the future? or how the industry will survive long periods of inactivity. 

We do understand there will be always a need for high quality catering whether that be in the corporate and private setting. We have focused on updating our product range and improving our processes in the meantime. 

One of these changes is the addition of our individual catering range. We have curated individually packed boxes to cater for breakfast, lunch, AM/PM tea and finger food. The focus of these boxes are to provide healthy and tasty catering options which are safe in a post COVID setting. We hope you enjoy our range and use us when there is a requirement in the future. 

You can view our range via our website under the 'Individual Boxes' menu.