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Food and Mood

As well as affecting work performance, health and weight – food also affects your mood. That’s another reason why what you eat during the working week really impacts how you feel and how you act to your colleagues, clients and customers. So the old saying “You are What You Eat” really rings true and it’s important to take into consideration your meals to stay happy, calm and considered. Eating the right type of food can be the difference between a successful business meeting and one that doesn’t go to plan. Generally, making sure you eat a good balance of whole foods with a variety of vitamins and minerals should make you feel calmer and content but there are certain foods that really are mood enhancing.

Eat at Regular Intervals

If you find that you’re overworked and don’t have time to get out to grab something nutritious at lunchtime, it’s no wonder you find it difficult to focus or snap at your colleagues! If you don’t eat at regular intervals, you will feel lethargic, tired and your brain won’t grasp concepts quickly, neither will it be able to solve problems as well as when it’s fed. That said, if you’re avoiding meals because you’re crash dieting, you will probably skimp on essential food groups. These groups are necessary to help your brain produce the hormone “serotonin” which is a chemical that lifts mood (sometimes called the feel-good chemical).

Avoid Processed Foods

If you do skip regular meals or load up on easy wins, you’re likely to eat too many processed foods. This could be why you feel sluggish and it may be the reason you’ve put on a couple of pounds too. Some processed foods cause insulin levels to spike and drop again. This means you feel hungry within a couple of hours so you’re more likely to reach for a sugary snack to fill you up, it becomes a vicious circle. As well as insulin spiking, processed foods can cause inflammation which elevates levels of C-reactive protein, linked to distress and depression.

Get your Omega 3’s

You need to make sure your diet is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids because these are known to lower depression. Additionally, as we’ve discussed in previous Brisk articles, Omega 3 is great brain food.

So you should choose your food carefully and what better way than to use Brisk to cater for your staff and clients? Whether for breakfast meetings, lunchtime, afternoon tea or after work, all of our food contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It’s also freshly prepared in the Brisk kitchen in Melbourne’s CBD and conveniently delivered direct to your door. Here’s what you should be eating to get those mood levels soaring!

  • Rainbows of fruit and vegetables. Our fruit kebabs and fruit cups are essential for vitamins and are refreshingly delicious. We also have an abundance of salads to whet the appetite, packed with super foods, vegetables and salad leaves that are nutritious and healthy. Additionally, our vegetable skewers provide the right combination of vitamins, minerals and of course, plenty of fresh flavour. The tuna, white bean, cucumber and tomato salad has a good variety of colourful salad items along with a healthy helping of Omega 3 rich tuna.
  • Eat food as close to nature as you can. That means raw, uncooked food which is good for your brain. Fresh orange juice is better than regular orange juice because it hasn’t been processed. Again, a salad like quinoa, beetroot and carrot is exceptionally good for you or our selection of sushi features really fresh, raw fish.
  • Dopamine is another feel-good hormone so load up with dopamine food. You’ll find that fish, eggs, poultry, legumes and leafy greens help to release this hormone. Brisk have a large selection of dishes containing them too, from our chicken skewers to our breakfast bowls, some contain egg. We also have sandwich platters with egg mayonnaise and fresh pieces of chicken or try our chicken, leek and potato soup – yum!
  • Omega 3 is essential for beating depression as we’ve mentioned and you’ll find it in chia seeds (try our Chia Seed pudding or Bircher Muesli). You also get a healthy dose of Omega 3 in salmon and we recommend our mini smoked salmon bagels or perhaps our crostini.
  • Magnesium is good for supporting a healthy night’s sleep so add in plenty of food with natural magnesium such as almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and spinach. On the Brisk menu we’ve got lots of goodies, our gluten-free sandwiches are made with bread sprinkled with sunflower seeds. We’ve also got plenty of spinach featuring in all of our sandwich platters.
  • Be aware of eating too much sugar and opt for sugar-free food where you can. Dessert doesn’t have to be laden with added sugar, a healthy portion of fresh fruit will give you enough sweetness to satisfy cravings.
  • Low Vitamin D is another factor that destroys good mood and is associated with depression. You get Vitamin D from the sun but it is also found in fish, egg yolks and liver.

For really delicious tasting fresh food delivered direct to your office door, Brisk catering in Melbourne is definitely the right choice – your brain will thank you!