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Brain Food!

Brisk catering in Melbourne’s CBD is the number one office and meeting caterer so we know what type of food your staff, customers and clients need to deliver the best possible performance at work. There’s a lot to be said for brain food. It’s the fuel your body and mind needs to really get creative, and to get through a busy day at the office. Load up on unnecessary carbs and you’ll feel sluggish when you need to stay awake. Eat too much sugar and you’ll experience sharp highs and big lows when you’ll be desperate for a calorie-laden bar of chocolate. Limit what you eat and your brain and body will crave food, so your mind will find it much harder to focus on tasks at hand and you’ll be constantly thinking about eating, even subconsciously. We’re going to explain the best types of food to eat for your brain and we’ve got it covered in our extensive menu!

You Are What You Eat!

You are what you eat! If your diet is loaded with carbs and fat, your body will suffer. You’re likely to be overweight but even if you’re lucky enough to eat what you want, your skin, hair and nails won’t look their best and neither will you perform well. Remember, your brain is what keeps you going, it’s what processes your thoughts and responses and what monitors how your body responds. To function properly it needs a good supply of nutrients and energy – possibly more than anywhere else in your body! The food you eat impacts on your brain’s health, how it functions, your mood and your memory as well as how you focus. You should think about what you eat and drink as you need to keep that organ well-nourished and nourish your body too so it keeps up with your brain too.

So, what do you need?

  • You need Omega 3’s

These are brain food and healthy fats, they are great for memory and mood and protect against dementia and depression. Get your Omega 3’s from smoked salmon and other oily fish (we have many salmon sandwiches, wraps, baguettes and bagels all made with Tasmanian smoked salmon – the best!). Additionally, other sources include chia seeds (Brisk’s Chia Seed Muesli is fantastic to kick-start your day), walnuts, walnuts oils, flaxseed, oregano and marjoram. Cooked spinach is another good source of Omega 3’s. Nuts are another rich source of Omega-3 (and Vitamin E) but the best nut you can eat for brain food is the walnut, studies have proven that eating walnuts can promote better memory and halt cognitive deterioration. Walnuts also sharpen the brain so it’s really in focus!

  • You Need Vitamin B12

This is absolutely imperative for normal brain function and the nervous system. If you lack Vitamin B12 you might find you experience memory loss, tiredness and lethargy so stock up on Vitamin B12 foods such as meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products.  Our chicken skewers are good sources of B12 and some of our breakfast bowls feature soft boiled eggs, another B12-rich food.

  • You Need Whole Grains

Whole grains are good for concentration because they’re rich in fibre and digest slowly so they release energy over long periods of time. This stops sharp rises in glucose levels (something sugar does) so get a good dose of whole grains. You’ll find them in brown rice, wheat pasta and brown bread.

  • You Need Vitamin C

This anti-oxidant Vitamin is vital for good immunity and everyone should make sure they intake the RDA of Vitamin C (45 mg/day). It’s also a mood enhancer because it’s integral in the production of serotonin which affects how you feel. It helps to reduce stress and improves cognitive performance. You can’t make it in your body so you need to eat Vitamin C rich foods. Eat peppers, Kiwi, Kale, strawberries, melon, pineapple, lemon, orange and mango to really kick up your Vitamin C. Choose a Brisk Fruit Cup or our delicious Fruit Kebabs for breakfast, lunch or just to snack on, they’re a tremendous source of Vitamin C.

  • You Need Magnesium

Finding it hard to concentrate and focus? It could be you’re lacking in magnesium which is needed for cognitive activities and to strengthen memory and learning. If you suffer with frequent headaches, you might find you lack magnesium so top up on your kale, brown rice, bananas, avocados, lentils, spinach and tuna. You’ll also find magnesium in dark chocolate – what a great reason to eat a chocolate bar! Our Sushi features tuna and avocado, we also include spinach in many of our different sandwich varieties.

  • You Need Vitamin E

If you eat vegetables rich in Vitamin E you will help to stop your brain’s cognitive function from declining. Try dark leafy vegetables (especially avocado and spinach), almonds and sunflower seeds. All of the above are great sources of Vitamin E. You’ll notice your skin improves too because Vitamin E is a known anti-oxidant, preventing cell breakdown and helping skin to stay hydrated and plump.

  • You Need Vitamin B6

B6 is found in banana and it’s good for cognitive function. As well as B6, bananas have magnesium which is good for keeping focus. Magnesium also helps you to produce serotonin which is a mood enhancing hormone and the fibre in bananas releases fructose into the blood stream slowly so it’s great for energy. That’s why you often see sportsmen eating bananas!

  • You Need Water

As well as the above food, you should also keep your body hydrated. Water is essential for a healthy brain as drinking water keeps your brain able to focus, concentrate, be creative and think quickly.

So, when it comes to choosing food for your staff and your clients, you should definitely choose from the vast Brisk menu. It has a huge selection of brain food guaranteed to keep everyone’s concentration levels sharp at meetings and get those creative juices flowing!




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